The Connection Between Bail Reform and GPS Tracking

Over the past few years, bail reform has been a hot topic. Many people believe that the entire bail system needs to be rehauled. They believe that the current bail system in the United States makes it difficult for many people who are charged with relatively minor offenses to afford bail. As a result, they either lose their home and employment which means they are in an even worse situation by they are finally released. In other situations, desperation forces individuals who can’t afford jail to plead guilty or take unfair plea deals simply so they can get out.

While many people think bail reform would be a great idea, there are many others who have concerns. At this point, both sides appear to have reached a stalemate.

GPS tracking could provide the perfect middle ground. If a defendant agrees to wear a GPS tracking device while they wait for their case to be settled, a process that can take months, they could be released from jail without the court system relying on them to stay out of trouble and make their court dates.

The GPS system would allow the court to determine exactly where the person is at any point of the day or night. This makes it possible for them to know that the individual hasn’t violated their promise to not leave the jurisdiction, engage in criminal behavior, and not skip court dates.
It’s even probable that the GPS trackers will provide the defendant with some protection. If their every move is being monitored while they won’t have to worry about being falsely accused of being at the scene of a crime, harassing their alleged victims, or meeting with people they’re not supposed to associate with.

GPS trackers drastically decrease the number of failed court appearances both the court system and bail bond agencies deal with every single day. While the GPS unit doesn’t force the defendant to go to court, it does make it easier to pinpoint their exact location so they can explain their absence.

Current GPS tracking systems are lightweight, incredibly comfortable, and surprisingly cost-effective. Considering all the benefits connected to GPS tracking, it is reasonable to assume that an increasing number of judges will order that GPS tracking be used as a part of a suspect’s bail condition.

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