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Understanding The Different Types Of Bail

What Is ‘Release On Citation’?

Most people who are arrested are offered bail. Some people are denied bail. And yet some people are released on citation. This means they are issued a citation from the arresting officer. The arresting officer cites a criminal offense for this person, and so this person must appear in court when they are asked to. If they do not, they face more consequences like fines, an arrest, and jail time. “Cite outs,” as they are sometimes called, are most often used for minor violations, certainly not major crimes.

What happens to people who have to post bailto get out of jail? Bail is expensive but there are people who can help out with the costs – friends, family, and a bail bond agent from Clinton Bail Bonds.

The Different Types Of Bail

Cash Bond

  • Defendant pays the whole bail amount in cash to the court
  • Full amount must be paid before the defendant can leave jail
  • Will be refunded if defendant makes all court appearances and meets any other conditions and requirements of release
  • Most often used when judge considers defendant a flight risk or a danger to the public

Bail Bond or Surety Bond

  • Used when the defendant is unable to pay the full bail amount by themselves
  • A bail bond company and agent gets involved, charging the defendant a premium, 1% to 5% of the full bail amount
  • The bail agent becomes responsible for the defendant
  • If the defendant does not appear in court, or they do not pay the bail agent, more serious consequences will occur

Property Bond

  • Personal possessions and valuables are pledged to secure bail payment
  • Items are often cars, homes, jewelry, but they must be items that are completely owned by the person pledging it; they cannot still be making payments on these property items
  • Property will be released back to the owner if the defendant meets all court appearances and other conditions

Immigration Bond

  • Very similar to a bail bond
  • For immigrants held by federal immigration

Clinton Bail Bonds works with you to find the most realistic and affordable payment plan for a bail bond to get you or a loved one out of jail.

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